Sunday, November 23, 2014

Responsible for 7 Generations of Family Violence? No Justice: No Peace!

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Baba Wekesa Madzimoyo
No Justice. No peace. I love Mike Brown, Sr.'s voice. I don't love what he's saying. If you haven't watched the orchestrated clip, please do. He sends a message for peace.
If he wants peace, he needs to be talking to those who are the greatest purveyors of violence -the same ones who killed his son and so many other father's sons and daughters. Holding hands and singing kumbaya -Black and White together is neither the problem nor the solution.

The only peace that these people know is our submission based on the experience of and fear of their domination. They say it all the time: "peace through strength." It's the peace that comes when the dominator has instilled fear (often disguised as morality) so deeply that he can allow the dominated to shave them with a straight razor, knowing that the dominated will never cut his throat!
That's the peace they seek. Now, Mike Brown, Sr. may not know this, so I respect his sending whatever message he likes. For me - I'm principled: No justice. No peace!. Not just in Ferguson.
What manner of resistance you make is best determined by your own strengths, your own condition, and what's most expedient. Choose your weapons: No justice; no peace.
Realistically, this is true - even if we submit or hide our submitting under terms like "healing." Submitting is not peace. Hoping in the face of them slaying our people is not peace. Imploding the oppression on ourselves via mental and physical trauma is not peace. Misdirecting it via conflicts with family and extended family is not peace. Drugging ourselves to numb the pain and drowning ourselves in the latest episode of ________ only hides the internal violence. No justice; No peace.
Domination is violence - no matter how dressed up or explained away by "blood-stains in the officers car" It is violence - deep psychic and physical violence! It either implodes or explodes. If it implodes, we hurt ourselves and misdirect that violence down our family lines for seven generations.
For me, I don't want to be responsible for seven generations of violence in my family. I prefer the kind of peace that Fannie Lou Hammer fought for, the kind that Harriet Tubman fought for, the kind that David Walker, Henry Highland Garnet, Garvey, Martin, Ella Bell, MLKing fought for, the kind that Baba John Henry Clarke lived for:
peace and love that flows from the healing waters of justice.