Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Mom, take me out of this school !!!!"

Afiya - AYA @ Morris Brown
Things have changed.

Back in the day - when Afiya and I first started home-schooling which was the basis for AYA Educational Institute, our daughters - Sarafina and Ife didn’t like it one bit. Her brothers openly voiced their concern that they were being deprived of socialization.

They protested. They whined.
The conspired against it.
That was then.

In the last 3 days parents are calling saying that their teenagers are asking not to go to public school. At least one is in full-fledged protest mode. A parent in NC shares that she wised that she would have listened when her son was saying: "Mom you gotta get me out of this school." Of course she cared, but had no idea how schools - academically and socially - have changed. She thought his reports were exaggerated, and did nothing.

They reasons for the change from protesting to being taken out of public schools to protesting to BE taken out are as much social as academic.

It’s an aspect of a larger movement that has been going on for some time now. Only most students haven’t openly protested against poor socialization and education, they’ve simply redirected their focus and their interest.

 Hence - poor academic performance. Reduced confidence and ability to solve real-world problems that they and their families face. Note: Test scores have risen during this time. Getting a high test score is easy compared to real thinking, real feeling, real academic engagement that leads to problem solving.

But I digress. The point is our children have been sending smoke signals to tell us for years to fix the schools or get us out of there. Now, they've abandoned smoke signals, and are telling us directly.

We're glad that we ignored our children and created AYA. They are glad too!

As a result we have an option for you whether you want to home-school and need help, or you want to place them in one of our hybrid "clusters."

If your child is sending you signals, or if you get that ache in your stomach when you have to leave them where they are not wanted and cared for, check us out. Our webinars are Wednesdays and Sundays.

The AYA Way
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Fall semester starts Sept 2nd, 2014