Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why Are These Adults Studying?

Why are these adults learning?
Why is Septima Clarke teaching?
Aren't they "over the hill?"
Aren't they too busy, too tired, or just too old?
Don't they know everything they need to know by now?

The answer is simple. They weren't satisfied with the restrictions White people and White racism placed on them and their children. The wanted what they called "Freedom."

They weren't learning to read so they could get awards at the annual Governor's banquet. They were learning to read, so they could read the Mississippi Constitution, so they could register to vote, so they could get the Governor and White people's foot off of our backs.

Is "Freedom" enough for you? If so, then you'll join this elite crew who did what they had to do for us to see a brighter day. If so, enroll in AYA's Weekend Academy for our Trayvon Martin Curriculum. It features courses like:

  • Following Ariminta (Harriet Tubman) like you've never seen her before. You'll learn US history from the inside-out - we call it an OurStorical view. You'll also learn the AYA way of teaching and the WHB approach .
  • Haiti From The Bottom - You've heard of Toussaint, maybe even Dessalines. You don't know Haiti and the Haitian Revolution until you learn it from the bottom, through the songs and proverbs.
  • To be continued....