Sunday, August 4, 2013

Becoming Unjust?

A FB friend posted:
"Truth: When we become unjust, while experiencing injustice, we are showing ourselves to be unworthy of what God would grant to us."
Wekesa Responded:
True - only if we define unjust and define and name God out of our story and our highest aspirations. Our current moral code - injected by the 

oppressor - has us more concerned about becoming them than stopping them from murdering our children and turning us into thugs and pole dancers. Morality and justice is contextual.

If we use the same moral compass when dealing with those that oppress us and those with whom we choose to build, we will remain the hunted, the servants, the playthings of the oppressors. We will remain alienated from our deep spiritual selves that can again be a light unto the world.