Friday, August 2, 2013

AYA Weekend Academy 2013-2014

AYA Weekend School 

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Saturday Courses  Starting September, 7th

Justice For Trayvon: (Each of the courses in this section is designed to help our students and adults process and recover from the pain of oppression heightened by recent verdict in the Zimmerman murder trial This course along with Where My Voice Begins for Youth and Warriors-Healers-Builders for adults provide an excellent psychological, historical, and communicative context and tool-set to help adults and youth generate a warrior-healer-builder response that facilitates academic achievement and social responsibility.) 
  • Ayati (Haiti) From the Bottom  (Ayinde Madzimoyo, Instructor)
  • We Will Shoot Back (Wekesa O. Madzimoyo, Instructor)
  • Following Araminta (Harriet Tubman) Instructor - Wekesa O. Madzimoyo
  • The Ancestor's Breath: Introductory Twi
  • Drawing From The Soul (Brother Man)
    • The Origins
    • The Universal Orphan
    • The Characters
    • Making Your Own
    • National Black Comic Conference
  • NABS: Storytelling: Creating Stories, Telling Stories, Becoming Immortal (Sept 28-Nov 30)
    • Becoming a Better Story-teller
    • OurStory Vs. His-Story | From the Inside-Out vs. the Outside-In
    • Cultural Stories
    • Family Stories
      •  Memory Is Power-The Language You Cry In (Joyce King)
    • Local Story-Telling Concerts
      • Students Perform with Other Black Storytellers 
    • National Black Story-Teller Association Annual Conference (Hampton, VA Nov. 6-10th)
    • Kwanzaa Tellin'
  • Individual Tutoring (By Appointment)
  • Group Skill Building Clinics (Math, Science, Writing, Reading, Research, Memory)
    • Math: Foundational | Algebra | Geometry |
    • Writing: The 5 paragraph essay in 25 minutes | My Short Story 
    • Reading: Strategies for Success
    • Research: Resources, Tools and Techniques to Learn  About Anything
    • Memory: Kumbuka - Using African Cultural Strengths to Master Your Memory Muscle 
  • Black and Powerful: Educational Issues and Answers (Free-Presentation and Discussion)
  • Ready for the week: Educational Calisthenics and Support: Prep for the Week.
  • Where My Voice Begins: Intra and Inter-personal communication | Conflict Resolution | Discovering Where My Parent's Voice Ends and minds begins. (Teen Course)

$49.00 per course / per 3-4 week term
$79.00 per course/per 9 week term
$99.00 per course for Combo-Classes (Youth Partner attends for free)
$149.00 per month for up two three weekend courses