Monday, April 15, 2013

Teachers, Ambassadors & Volunteers Needed.

AYA @ Columbia Drive.

Teachers, Tutors, Ambassadors and Volunteers

Want to make a difference?

Tired of just hearing others talk about the problems facing Black youth and Black people?
C'mon, join a power, proven, movement. Join AYA Educational Institute.
We help adults, and middle and high school students.

*Warriors and Healers: The Original
*WH- Health Builders
*Building A Culture of Business
*Middle and High School Education and Degrees

Are you an educator?
Are you interested in learning the AYA Way?
Do you want to support real education the produces excellent students prepared to render distinguished service to our people and the world?
Do you have a skill or time that you could lend to our efforts?
Will you spread the word about us?

If the answer is yes, or maybe, contact us today.

Email Wekesa or Afiya @

Also attend our Sunday Each One Reach One web conference on Sunday @ 3 PM Eastern
By computer: Direct Conference Link
By phone: (530) 881-1212, Pin: 891-519-580