Monday, April 15, 2013

Registration for Summer & 2013-2014

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AYA Summer Clinics
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Math Clinics:

  • Foundational
  • Advanced
  • Customized Private Tutorial

Language Arts:

  • Reading Club - Books / Online / Video
  • Creative Writing
  • 5 Paragraph Essay

Computer Programing:

  • How To Code. Students actually learn to code computers. Instead of just playing them. They begin to make the computers do what they want them to do! (This may encourage you)

Visual Arts:

  • Photography (sample)
  • Cinematography

Interested? Come to the open house Sunday's 7pm. (Click Here)

Volunteers and AYA Ambassadors @ 3pm

Help us help others who need an AYA Education
For Parents and Advanced Students:
  • Understanding AYA and the AYA Way
  • Following Araminta (Adult and Child Together)

Fall Semester:

Give your child a leg up, enroll in our summer clinics without leaving your home.